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Customizable grip bands

Forget about confusing your paddle or racket with somebody else's! Our custom grip bands allow customers to have an identifier for their paddles or rackets by adding a colored band with a name and a custom quote!

“Snap On, Stand Out”

Our grip bands fit any kind of paddle or racket thanks to it's silicone based material which makes it easy to attach and adjust!

Our product features

Customizable colors

We offer a variety of 11 colors for customizing your bands and getting the perfect color match for your paddle!

Customizable names and quotes

Customize your band by adding your own identifier! Let it be your name, phone number or both!

Previsualize your product

Our band configurator allow customers to previsualize their band modifications in 3D at real-time! No need to wonder how the band is going to look like!


How it started

Everyone in our family used to be avid tennis players, but as expected as the years go by… life started to pay a toll on us, and now we are all pickleballers. We mostly use the same brand of paddle and were always confused on whose paddle was whose. Also, we had problems on Open Play pickleball, when people tried to call the next player, and paddles were not identified. So, we resolved on manufacturing customized grip bands in order to identify all type of rackets/paddles. Our success was immediate and surpassed all of our expectations. Therefore, we decided to share it with all afficionados out there. Our products are hand crafted by us in our home. We hope you enjoy your iPdlz!

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