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We are a family of seven, and we all have been actively involved in sports throughout our lives. We all started with tennis and became pretty good at it. However, as the years went by, I needed a knee replacement and had to look for a sport with less impact. We tried golf, swimming, horseback riding… you name it, BUT only one sport was able to keep our attention and to make us come back again and again… PICKLEBALL. 

We started playing at a community court built over a basketball court, until our community decided to build 6 courts dedicated specifically for pickleball. This was Heaven on Earth. We now play every day and just love it!

Now, remember, we are seven and we pretty much use the same kind and color of paddle, so when the time to play came, chaos would start… Where is my paddle? Is this one yours or mine? And on and on the fighting started and seemed to never end. We knew that labels are not permitted on the paddles by the USAPA, so we had to come up with a way to distinguish one from the other.

On 2021, we started using different color generic grip bands to identify them and this solved the problem in our house. However, it didn’t solve the problem with open play, when we were enjoying “Dinks & Drinks” every Friday afternoon. People would place the paddles on the fence, but nobody really knew who’s belonged to whom. And this was when Pablo, our youngest, suggested that we make bands with our names on it. Jose, Gabriel, and Camille, the engineers in the house, started looking for ideas, and Sophie, the artist, worked on our logo and webpage. It was a whole family affair, and we did it… we created iPdlz personalized grip bands for ourselves. Immediately, most of our friends and extended family wanted their own grip band; let it be for pickleball, tennis, beach tennis, or padel. And what else can I say… we have been in business for almost a year now, and we love to customize our product to meet our client’s needs. 

iPdlz grip bands are hand crafted by us, in our home, and it has been a very successful year, filled with a growing business, new friends, and a product we are proud to call our own. We hope you like your iPdlz band and please let your friends know about us. Take care… and be safe!


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